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I want to see and talk to a doctor face-to-face. For someone who's introverted this seems rather odd but I don't want to use my laptop and talk to a doctor through screens. Anyone else old-fashioned about this? Between this hurdle and also wanting to find a doctor who is female, I am making it difficult. Plus since COVID they are at least 12 weeks out for appointments . . . .

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my problem with virtual/phone appointments is that i tend to hide and won't talk about the real issues. i just get nervous and say everything is okay. i need in person appointments so my tdoc/pdoc can read my body language too.

i assume by your wording that you're looking for a psychiatrist, not a therapist? i've been able to go back to in-person appointments with my tdoc (thank god), but pdoc for me has been phone-only since march. i've botched several appointments with pdoc by just getting tongue tied and afraid to speak up for myself.

i hope you're able to find adequate care soon. 

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I thought I'd be fine  because i love technology but yeah I hate it. it's intense eye contact I can't handle it it's so awful I feel totally scrutinized and unsafe. And I know that I'm not being scrutinized or anything but I just don't like how the situation changes the body language of both people or something? I don't know what it is it's just really uncomfortable

I am ok with audio only, I like that

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My therapist and I have only been doing emails. She doesn't like certain technologies and I don't like the ones she is willing to use. 

My pdoc otoh - does this thing where he texts me, I answer, and then I can see him on my phone. I don't know what he is using or doing because he is in such an awkward physical position. EVERY SINGLE TIME since this pandemic started. He is the same age as me. Back in the days when we met in the office he wasn't so damn awkward.

I've had some other physical problems that required me to see in-person doctors. That has all been fine. 

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