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4 hours ago, T.Daniels said:

Paying attention to all of this, my kidney functions got remarkably better the next time i went to the tests. I agreed with my doctor to not quit lithium even with the risks since Lithium has given me a lot of stability in my life and taken away any trace of suicidality. 

That's good.  Lithium is still the gold standard for bipolar as far as I know.  It does require careful monitoring but so do a lot of these drugs.

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So we've learned through experimentation (isn't that fun?) that lowering the lithium to 600mg without adding something new is not enough.  I started having pretty intense low mood w/ accompanying dysphoria, loss of interest in things, and difficulty with work.  It was only 150mg, so I didn't think it would do that much.  It was also still at a 0.6 level, so technically therapeutic.  But apparently not good enough for me.

I'm back on 750mg with a plan to see a nephrologist 12/15.  I'm hoping that she won't say I have to come off the lithium, but if she does, I'm going to have to start on something else. 

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Well, I'm sorry the reduced dosage didn't work.  But at least the issue is identified and you're being followed by a nephrologist as part of your care team.  I think that's super important.  I'm in the same boat.  I feel that I have been less stable since lithium discontinuance but I'm hopeful a depakote and lamictal combo will help.  

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