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So what do you all plan to do with the upcoming holidays with COVID still such a huge and dire problem?

My husband and his family are very unconcerned regarding how serious COVID is. It’s like they don’t believe it’s literally a dire situation.

His family is huge. There will be like 14+ people total for thanksgiving and Christmas. No masks or hand sanitizer. I, of course, will be the outcast if I don’t go.....or if husband doesn’t go because he feels pressured to stay at home with me. So I will probably have to go, against my better judgement. I am afraid because our state is one of the worst in the nation for COVID cases.

Yes, I want to see my niece open her gifts. But my MIL is a high risk and if she gets COVID it will be bad. And I take sedating meds. Will I have to stop them if it gets hard for me to breathe if I ever got COVID? This just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. 

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Thanksgiving we decided was not feasible.  I only get Thanksgiving day and don't have enough accrued leave to take the Friday off, so I'd have to go up and back really quickly.  I'll be ordering delivery the day before and reheating it while chatting with my parents over Zoom. 

I'm supposed to get a COVID test the Saturday before Christmas and then quarantine up until the day that I drive to my parents' house (likely Christmas Eve because of work situation).  I'm crossing my fingers that that's a realistic plan.  Christmas Eve will be my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and niece.  Christmas Day is likely the same. 

My family's quite concerned about COVID.  I would be scared if they weren't.  I think you're being realistic to say that there's a risk and that it's not one you're comfortable making. 

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We will be staying home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, as much as I don't want to. We considered going to my niece's house, where it would have been her, my sister, my other niece and her boyfriend. The boyfriend works in a grocery store and my kids are in school part time, so I wasn't comfortable with the risk on either end, particularly with my sister being in a higher risk group than I am. We have discussed just the four of us going to my niece's house in mid-December for some kind of celebration, but it will depend on how things are going. I don't think you're wrong to not want to go to husband's family for the holidays, particularly if they're not taking it seriously and you're in a state with a lot of cases. I found this visualization tool on a Facebook page I follow about the pandemic. The page is run by scientists. The statistics are pretty alarming in some places if you look at US by county.


For instance, as of this week, your odds of someone at a 15 person gathering in Waukesha County, Wisconsin having Covid are 58%, according to the table. Where I am it's about 22% according to the table.

As for the meds, ask your pdoc this question. I was concerned about taking Benzos if I had a panic attack while having Covid chest congestion, and he told me that it was safe, so maybe Pdoc can assuage some of your fears or otherwise tell you what to be careful of.

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We had Thanksgiving last month (Canadian), but we didn't see family.  I saw my  brother for 2 minutes exchanging food as they'd made a turkey and had pie.  Then we had a Zoom meal.  

We are assuming the only time we'll see family is briefly (and outside) exchanging presents.  We will celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas day by ourselves.  

Well, I'm sure we'll at least zoom with my family.


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I'm doing Thanksgiving with just my roommate, daughter, and son.......I am scared of the surge happening now in my state......Daughter will be getting a COVID test shortly beforehand, because she has been away at college.....Son has been working at home since April......He hardly ever leaves apartment, and gets his groceries delivered...He also is very good about wearing masks, so I feel he is very low risk.

I felt a little uncomfortable asking daughter to get a test, but she can get one free at her college....At her college they are encouraging everyone to get a test before going home for Thanksgiving.....Daughter has been doing all of her classes online, but says she will get a test since she can get one free, anyway.

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