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Basically on the tin, I have to deal with a worm figment that can see and talk. Deals in all shenigians and tries to outwit me and use my mind and body to do things. It worms inside my mind and talks way too much, trying way too hard to see things that aren't there- like memories and ideas. Can see them for half the time, then takes them down in half a second... Have more tulpas inside me that don't care about my health. They just stare on and listen to this being doing it's thing and try and destroy me. 

It overlaps mind narration and imagination. It destroys what it doesn't like and eagerly uses women to it's heart content. I don't know what to do, because I am basically hiding my imagination away and locking out the thing that matter most to me. 

This all started with collective psychoactive episodes that, one-by-one, creates a super tulpa that is wormish and digs into the psyche. I'm alone in dealing with it, the good tulpas gone and not to be seen. Have one japanese character here that overlooks t and urges the character on, doing nothing in it's wake. Have to lay or sit and watch as my mind slowly rots away until the things fade away. Wandering and mediatation is bothered none by the things, but they tend to drill too much into my mind and collect things and lock them away.

I hate them and wish they went away. Being patient costs me with mornings of PTSD-inducing episodes where I'm waiting for them to stand ontop of my mind and reigning in everything. I'm afraid they'll one day take over the body and because I get episode between sleeps where reality is not as different than imagination... OOBEs where I'm being lunged outside of bed and moved by characters. One day I might wake up different and scarred forever.

Any advice on sentient, talking beings with no emotions and wants to takeover your mind? 

PS this being has no emotion. WIll do about anything if repeated enough, err of it's ignorance of human emotion in the start of it's creation.

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I do see an doctor. They prescribed Lortuda, serequil, and Lorzapam for the problem. The trouble here is that this delusion like to think he is sentient, even though he acts and behaves on instantaous delusions and quick decision thinking, almost akin to mine,

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