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I haven't, but if I had to guess...

You'll have to expose the area where the kidney is located under (am I an expert on biology or what), they'll put on some gel for the ultrasound wand.  None of the ultrasounds (I've had) have been particularly long, though the longest I had was of my ovaries.  I'd guess it'll be over in under 15 minutes (but that's a guess).

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No, hey, I would call it "minimally invasive."  At least it seemed that way for me.  I had one recently on my kidneys and and the female (yep) technician moved my shirt up and down a little but I didn't have to undress.  I had one once where the female tech got a little low in the groin area which I found mildly erotic, but that's a sad commentary on my life.

Your experience may vary but I don't think it should be too radically different.  Maybe you can request a female tech if you are female and would prefer.  

They always tell me my bladder is way full and don't see how I can stand it, which I take as a point of pride

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Hey, @dancesintherain, I recently had a kidney ultrasound too, and as @Will said, it's a minimally invasive procedure (on the invasive scale). The tech had me roll my shirt up around my bra and tuck a towel around the edges and then roll my pants waist down to just above where my pubes began, tucking another towel in my waistband. The gel is cool to the touch. The thing I found most difficult to deal with was the amount of pushing to get a decent set of images: the more..."you" there is, the more the ultrasound signal has to travel through, and there can be a bit of pushing the probe in your gut, side, and on top of your bladder area (to try to get a picture of urine falling into the bladder).

You may be asked to take deep breaths and hold them while the tech moves the probe and snaps images, but not for an unreasonable amount of time. It's uncomfortable but not something that I found I couldn't get through. I had some bruising (for a few days lingering) and soreness (about a week lingering) afterwards, but that may be due more to my pre-existing conditions than anything else.

I asked the tech a ton of questions and spent about 15 or 20 minutes for the ultrasound itself; the rest of the time was wait time and drive time. Hope this helps.

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