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COVID causing psychosis

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I saw that article, too. I’m not clear on the age range it’s supposed to affect; the article sort made it seem like anyone over thirty, which frankly is most people who’ve gotten sick anyway.

Missed out on this effect, but still impacted every day.

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I found that a bit odd, personally - it seemed to suggest if you developed psychosis under 30 (you're schizophrenic) or over 60 (you have dementia), but if you're in that in between range, it is a COVID side effect.  I'm simplifying, of course.  And I read it earlier today, cognitive impairment, so I'm relying on my sketchy memory lol.  

It is terrible you're still impacted...you'd think the fucking disease could just fuck off and leave people alone. 

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I'm reading all kinds of stuff about this, now.

I'm worried because if a person already has some brain atrophy, and neurological symptoms, this covid atrophy could tip the scales to something like permanent psychosis, or death. It bothers me that they've been describing this as "brain fog" for two years, now. It's brain damage when you have atrophy. It's a serious lifelong problem that can't be repaired. It's not cutesy.

When people hear "brain fog", they're not thinking, "can't drive, can't get a job with responsibilities, seeing hallucinations, constant depression/anxiety, can't remember what I was told three times five minutes ago, forgot my mother's birthday, can't feel my legs..."

And I can't find any information about special guidelines for people who already have brain atrophy, in the event that they catch covid19. I hope they come out with ideas for how to lessen chances of stroke, peripheral nerve damage, psychosis, etc if you become ill, and already have atrophy.

Thanks, jarn, for starting this thread! I'll keep an eye on it.

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