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I have a history of talking in my sleep, sometimes sitting upright to do so.

Last night (NYE; I had consumed a bunch of alcohol between dinner and midnight champagne) and we went to bed very late; with that said, I didn't feel intoxicated) I woke my husband up since I was trying to go outside via our bedroom window (our apartment is on the third floor).  He asked what I was doing, and I said I was going outside.  He told me I had to go back to bed, I said, well, I have to pee, so he told me to go do that and then come back and go to sleep.

He just told me about this now.  I've no memory.  Edit:  He said I kept walking into the window, like it was a door.

I take 30mg zyprexa.  I'm not sure it/it plus the alcohol caused it (I've drunk alcohol on zyprexa before), or if it were just one of those weird things I do sometimes.  

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Yeah I did some googling about zyprexa and it seems limited data.  That's interesting, the link, though - I'd missed that.

Toby said I looked like a moth outside of a lit room flying into a window - I just kept walking into it (it's floor to ceiling, but thankfully robust...there's also a mid-calf high radiator, which is also a good thing).

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So...spoke to GP, who referred me to a sleep doc.  Had a sleep study Saturday.

Zyprexa makes me sleep like a log, so I did, even at the clinic.  I woke up easier than I normally do, much to my (grateful) surprise.  I got home around 6am and went back to bed.  And Toby said I sleep talked!  Typical, I bet I didn't at the clinic.  

I talk to sleep doc on February 3rd.

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