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The ‘category’ requirement has likely become necessary because of some alteration in the way the database backend organizes and manages blog entries. Although this isn’t a WordPress-based site, you see a similar structural regime implemented there. The good thing is that the categories you use should be fully customizable as anything you want them to be. Unless I’m mistaken, you’re free to file your blog posts under the category ‘MyBlogPosts’, or ‘OddballNotions’, or ‘Kiwi Fruit’, or, basically anything (though we would prefer that you not use any occult words that might inadvertently conjure up gibbering Lovecraftian horrors that could cause the site to go down). If you post many blog entries, you may find the categories feature useful in helping you segregate your writing by general topic.

If I discover that this information is in error, I will update this information here.

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OK, everyone, I signed in using my civilian identity and looked for a couple of invite-only blogs I read as Gearhead, and I didn’t see them. So what I did when setting up the test blog didn’t make it private, but you guys are still hidden. I’ll keep investigating.

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