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How to get a damn vaccine anyway

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Is anyone trying to get a covid vaccine for themself or a family member?  I actually got mine due to where I work, not what I do, although I do qualify anyway. But my mother and other family members aren’t able to find one. I’m trying to schedule for my mother since it’s basically online unless you go stand in line for hours and take your chances, if you can even find an opportunity for that. Is it like that everywhere?  This is a really bizarre situation to me. 

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In the US, I think there's a lot of variation among the states as far as how it's being administered (though overall shortage seems to be a fairly universal problem).  My local news covered WV's approach, which is to contract with local pharmacists and have them run clinics.  It has them among the best in the nation for various metrics.  My parents' home state (not WV) has recently decided that they're going to try to get shot one to as many people as possible within a revised window and delay shot two slightly (with CDC approval of a delay to 42 days).  My parents took care of themselves, but have been treated differently by the health department, potentially because of age differences (my dad is 70 and my mom is 68, he got shot one and she hasn't heard). 

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9 hours ago, CeremonyNewOrder said:

My local situation is that people who work in healthcare and long-term care facilities and people over 75 are getting the shot

Exact same here in my state....For instance, my therapist is able to get the vaccine now, even though she is still working from home....My state seems to be having a very slow roll-out.....I'm betting I won't be able to get the vaccine until late spring or even summer, the way it's going here.

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