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hello, is anybody there?

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hello, i'm Liz and i'm new here.

i'm nervous about this post.  other forums on the internet have a lot of mean people. i've looked around this one, and everyone seems so nice!  it's a good change.

i've come to crazyboards cuz sometimes i think i'm crazy. 

i keep my crazyness a secret from my family and most of my friends.  i'm not diagnosed with anything, but i suspect there's something wrong with me.

my best friend says i'm overly-emotional (and this week she said she thinks i have ocd cuz i repeat sentences or words under my breath; i don't think i agree with what she said but i think i repeat things cuz i'm anxious).

i've remembered some bad things from the past which has made me bitter towards the opposite sex, and that is one of my biggest problems.  also, i hate being alone!  i always think people don't care about me but at the same time i know i'm being irrational.  still, i cannot change my thoughts which makes me nervous.

i'm extreme.  what i hate i really hate, and what i love i really love.  i want to experience everything but want the loneliness and fear and anxiety to go away.

i can't talk to anyone, except one friend.  this week i told her a big secret and now i regret it cuz i think i'm overreacting.  but in my head i'm not overreacting cuz these feelings are real.

that is all i have to say for now.  i hesitate posting cuz i'm nervous of what people will say.  any pointers on how to make this easier?

nice to meet y'all!

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Hey Secret,

Glad to have you aboard. Never feel scared to be here. It is a safe place to post. People will be your friends. We can't diagnose but it can't hurt you to make an appointment with a psychchiatrist and let them know how you feel. And I know I'm crazy so you won't scare me away. Glad you are here! ;)

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Hi Liz!

Welcome to CB! I don't think I've met any mean people here, either. Although, sometimes we nuts can be cranky. I tend to wait a week or so if it seems like someone is being mean. It usually goes away and the meanie straightens out. Being crazy can be really stressful at times, y'know? :)

Anyway, Come on in, take your coat off and relax a little. There is a wealth of information, both clinical and anecdotal to be had here. And because I like your moxie, I won't even charge you the low, low monthly fee of $9.95 + shipping and handling that other new people get charged.  ;) Just try to put back what you use when you're done with it.

(That was a joke, by the way. Nobody gets charged a monthly fee for use of CB... except maybe the owner.)

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Hi Liz,

The coolest thing about this board is if it's happened to you, it's happened to someone else. If you think you are all alone in the world, you will find that is not the case here.

About your issues with guys and what has happened to make you feel bitter towards men, you might see what the PTSD folks think.

If you are overly-emotional, you might look up bipolar disorder and see if you think any of our symptoms ring a bell with you. I am sure there are lots of other diagnoses that have that particular feature, but being bipolar, I know that is a trait I have carried my entire life.

Just poke around, post, and see what everyone thinks. That is one thing we do with style: give our opinion!

Just remember that none of us (save one, who is just a regular poster with extra knowledge) are doctors, and just because we say it doesn't mean it is true. But we all have a lot of combined knowledge, and we can usually point you in some direction.

I also would suggest that you see your doctor and maybe get a referral to a psychiatrist if you really feel you have a problem. You can feel better.

As far as being worried about what we will say, we are all a pretty supportive bunch, even though some of us, and you know who you are Velvet Elvis, can be a little sarcastic! VE is actually one of the most helpful people here. A lot of the moderators have extensive knowledge and have done a lot of research.

To make things easier, look at other threads. So many of us LOVE to be helpful and encouraging. It makes us happy.

Also, start posting. Add stuff to this thread if you want, so you don't have to start something new. Pick a subject and expound on it. We are a good bunch of folks.


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Tactless, brutally honest, frank, sure. But not mean. Not on purpose anyway. That's a good way to get yourself banned.

You'll find some touchy-feely huggy types here, as well as the " I refuse to walk on eggshells for anyone" type. They both coexsist peacefully here most of the time.

Self-diagnosis isn't encouraged here. If you're having problems, get your ass to the appropriate doctor.

That being said, welcome welcome.


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thanks everyone!  i feel better already  ;)

there're so many questions i have, but it'll all come out slowly as i find the right questions and as i wonder around this place to see what everyone else has to say.

yay i like it here so far!!!!  :P

see you all very soon....

Liz :)

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hi liz,

welcome to the boards.

no, not too many mean people here.

confused, yes. hurt, yes. desperately fragile, yes. scared, yes. suicidal, yes. odd, yes. smart, hell yes. funny, definitely. and crazy, yes.

so don't worry. you'll fit right in here.


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Damn it.  I try hard to be mean.  I can't ever do anything right.


Not even when sufficiently provoked...It's that nose! It's just too damn loveable!  Even when a crazy person is deluded to the point of believing your trumped up, self promoted prickness...one look at that nose...and it's all gone, melted away. And deluded person wants to hug VE, who runs away with his head in flames...

Edited to add: Whoops! Forgot my manners! Welcome SB, I think SerraGeorge said it best, we do get cranky at times and act out, but the love we share for each other, whether our personalities clash or not, is abundantly clear--to me at least...***S9 puts on rose colored glasses***

For real. I have no doubts about my craziness and have papers (I'm pedigreed  ;) ) and am proud to be a member of this wacky cyber asylum.



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Heya Liz,

Nice to meet you!

I'm scared of people in general (outside the office, ok that sounds weird, but hey, I'm crazy, so whatever).

CBers are honest.  Honesty is what counts.  And, supportive.

See you around.

(and Sam, thanks for calling me a poster with extra knowledge, I really like that b/c that's who I am ... oh you're just so cute.  Ohohoh, unless it was someone else you meant  ;) )



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yay everyone's awesome and honest, honesty is good yaarr....

ok let's see what do i have to say now....

in the near future i'm going to talk to a counsellor. i'm going to tell him/her my fears of the past and how i think it's affected me so far.... i'm nervous.  my friend is helping me find someone to talk to.  so that's something i have to do.  but it HAS to be done cuz i feel alone and empty and scared and anxious... i can't live like this anymore... wish me luck! 

i'll be back..... but now i have to study for my exams... hopefully concentration will be with me.

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