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So i take 200 mg of Pristiq each morning. It works well for me but not the best i can feel. My pdoc mentioned me trying Zyprexa again. Last year i only went up to 10 mg Zyprexa and i also was not on an Snri, just an Ssri, and i didnt feel significant benefit from it. 

As a result i am trying it again but this time going up to 15 mg zyprexa. This is about 5 days on the 15 mg and i may actually be feeling something. First an increased appetite which is a good sign since last time it didnt even affect my appetite at the lower dose of 10 mg.

I am getting aerobic exercise to keep my fitness up so no worries.

It also maybe, and i mean maybe adding more color to my emotions which if its from zyprexa thats great.

My only worry is TD risk especially since 15 mg is not a low dose for augmentation


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