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Is Zyprexa more sedating at lower doses?  or at higher ones?  or is there no difference?

I'm asking because I'm going off zyprexa progressively (maxed at 22.5mg, now at 7.5mg, having gone down 2.5mg every two weeks) and I strangely feel increasingly tired.  So I'm curious if the tiredness is the zyprexa.

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I started at 10mg, and found it somewhat activating - trouble falling asleep, waking up early.  Around 15mg is started being sedating.  But everyone is so different.

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I currently take 15 mg twice daily and I don’t find it sedating. I also took 10 mg twice daily for a year or two (?). I also can take 5 mg twice daily PRN and that didn’t sedate me when I was taking 10 mg twice daily. I have not tried a PRN with my current 15 mg twice daily dose. (I just recently found out I still can take the PRN)

The zyprexa zydis calms me down and stops some freaking out and clears my head/straightens and levels my head, but it doesn’t sedate me I feel. Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense. It’s tricky to explain. 

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