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Deja vu here. In August I got angy at a manager type after some near bullying, and got written up a day later, a day after over 2 hours of being “spoken to” until I called out bullying. Supposedly people had complained about me, but I was pretty sure it was in retaliation over the bullying accusation. That blew over, I thought. But then last week I asked a question in a meeting—required now, no one is allowed to be silent. And again, called in by the same 2 managers as one said she was sensitive, and took the question as an attack. WTF?  It was a question about how she wanted something done, not any kind of challenge. I spent 30 minutes listening to her saying how sensitive she is. Then next day, another meeting to say, again, that unnamed people had complained about me having a communication problem. Of course she won’t say who or what. So I have a formal HR writeup and corrective action, and need to take some sort of class or something HR chooses. I’m not stupid, obviously the higher manager feeling somehow attacked leads to these supposedly unrelated writeups. I can’t trust them to not make further accusations so I’m really worried and pretty sure they’d like to fire me. 

so, I am going to look for another job. I’m going to redo my resume and apply for a listing I see that could work. I’m very qualified but definitely older so who knows. But I am so stressed and anxious now over what else they may decide to fabricate. I was angry the first time they dinged me but totally calm and unsuspecting this last time. I’m having trouble sleeping over this crap. This pair of managers feed off each other and are bullies, and currently are picking at two of us. I don’t know how fast I can get a new job. I actually could quit, with notice, now and live for a while on a pension from my last job, and if things drag on and get worse I will seriously consider that. My work friend is also looking actively and the other one being bullied is having panic attacks related to the job, so it’s a generally toxic place, not just my imagination. Is it worth it to stay longer, and how long, that’s my question. No one can answer, I know, but how do you all know when it’s time to give up and leave without a new job in sight?  I hate this kind of stuff. 

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