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This has happened a few times. I wrote some tedious naval gazing miserable bullshit just yesterday which I wanted to share with the world for some reason. Since a few other blog entries have disappeared previously I made sure I clicked "Submit Entry", or whatever it is. Gone. Bermuda triangle, but she doesn't see my angle. Barry Manilow - Bermuda Triangle. Terrible song. "Bermuda triangle, it makes people disappear, Bermuda triangle, don't go too near." Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if one of the mods thought I'd gone too far in some of the crap I come out with. I'd agree. You mods need to do a better job and block degenerates like me.

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This happens to me periodically with regular posts, especially longer ones. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing them on something durable like Wordpad and then copy/pasting them into the dialog here to post them. Or, if I realizr I’ve written a tome here, I try to always remember to select all and copy before I hit send in case of tragedy.

Sometimes, if the send doesn’t seem to work, or you get booted out of the dialog after you’ve written reams but haven’t hit send yet, sometimes you can try to create a new post and will find the contents of your last attempt still in the buffer, as it were.

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