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Waiting for assessment & struggling....

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1 hour ago, jarn said:

Four months.  Wow.  It is scary that so many people need help, and so few can access it.  

Would an in-hospital OCD program offer any help?  I honestly have no idea.

I would so love to be able to do an inpatient intensive OCD program but sadly to my none exist in Canada,at least not that I am aware of,will ask my pdoc.

But years ago it was why I was referred to MacLean in Boston....nothing here.

Ah well.

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14 hours ago, jarn said:

Worth asking.  Or even a regular hospital program?  Would that help at all?

I dunno...the last time i was hospitalized after my heavily restricting and my overdose I did do well with eating,but fell backwards as soon as I got out.And I think it was about a year or so ago? I was in our major mental health centre and underwent refeeding,then soon went inpatient in the ED program at another hospital but didn't last long in the program.

I fear if I keep going the way I am going soon I won't have any choice as far as being admitted to a general pysch unit...

My pdoc has never really threatened me with putting me on a form but I know he would if he felt my health was in danger.

I have an appointment with him today.Will see what he says...


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On 4/16/2021 at 3:17 PM, jarn said:

Let us know what he says. 

I was thinking if regular inpatient could bridge you to the ED program.  I dunno if that's how they would work together though.

My pdoc said he wondered if I were to need to go back to emerg. if that would expedite things,but I am not sure.Years ago,when I was hospitalized for refeeding just for 10 days they really fought for my assessment to be pushed up.

At my current weight,if I don't turn it around soon I will be headed very likely to a general pysch unit.

I am also going to start working with an ED ACT team that I worked with years ago which is a positive...

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11 hours ago, jarn said:

That is a positive!  Good for you!  I hope the ED ACT team helps.  And, emerg is always an option I guess.  Pdoc will know what to do when.

You should be proud of all the self-advocating you're doing.

Thank you so much for your continued support and validation,jarn.

I do have some optimism about the ACT team.They were very helpful the last time I worked with them.

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Of course.

I've currently got most of my ED under control-ish - most people would not guess, unless they know me - but I can get how hard it is.  And I have OCD type stuff (mostly intrusive thoughts, but some checking too; a psychologist said 'I'd dx you with OCD but it doesn't seem to cause you distress' - but that was after a lot of effort on my part to work on the checking) and I know how that can manifest with food stuff.  I can't entirely relate to your situation, but I do know how hard to deal with this can be, even with me being fairly under control.

I'm glad ACT was helpful last time.  That sounds like a good option.  


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