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I told myself that once I was vaccinated, I would return to the dating scene.  This is largely because I'd like to have an intimate relationship--in both the emotional and sexual sense. 

My method of choice is OK Cupid.  I  know there are lots of apps out there, but OKC seems to be the most used by the lesbian community in my geographic area.  So OKC it is.

What I can't figure out is how to broach the topic of COVID and immunization.  Wait until you've had some conversation and then raise it?  stash it somewhere in my profile?  I lean toward the former, but I'm curious how people are handling it. 

Anyone have some COVID online dating tips?  I did some previously, but it wasn't going particularly well and then I went fairly crazy, so I had to stop. 

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That’s a good question. How important is it that someone be vaccinated, is it an absolute?  Or is no intention of ever getting vaccinated a dealbreaker?  I have wondered the same but I’m not in a position to actually pursue online dating yet; I would probably bring it up early on but maybe not in a profile, because someone might be actively trying to schedule a vaccine but not successful yet. Is it bad to want proof or is that going too far?  So many things are already awkward, this doesn’t help the whole meeting new people situation.   But I do hope you find someone compatible. 

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