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The Great Pigeon War of 2021

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I should say - I like pigeons.  I like seeing them, I talk to them - on the ground.  I do not enjoy them on my balcony.  One of those buggers was on our balcony dining table the other day.  Yech.

Last Wednesday, a pigeon couple began expressing an interest in our balcony.  I went out, several time, to chase them off.  Even took Agis (our Rottie mix), who has a great passion for chasing pigeons.  He was useless.  

Finally, I thought - well, we have an old boot rug behind the loveseat (where their attention was focused) so I popped my head over the loveseat, and sure enough, there were some pine needles arranged in a 'circle' (pigeons build dumb 'nests').  I threw it out.  Still they came.  Finally Agis noticed them (they were in no danger being under the balcony outer wall by the loveseat) and charged them - that, and I threw out the tire I used for pulling/resistance training - been years since I used it - I didn't want them nesting in the well. 

They have not been back.  I suspect this was thanks to Agis.

And so The Great Pigeon War of 2021 ended.


(Not my balcony)

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I'm glad you won the war! they are so greedy, they eat all my birdseed. it's not for them!

My cat loves watching the pigeons who come to hang out in our garden. I don't think she'd try to catch one unless he walked right up to her, then maybe she'd put out a paw.

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I was alerted to the pigeons by one of our cats...and then I heard the cooing.  

We've been able to move the loveseat back since there's not a rug and tire behind it anymore.  It's on it's last legs unfortunately.  

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