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Hi.... we're fucked in Ontario

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I'm fuming that we can't get vaccines and yet my government has amped up police powers to fine people $750 for not giving the right answers for being outside.

Yet it fines a large corporation roughly the same for messing with people's lives.

Doug Ford literally has set fire to this province.

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He is so inept!

It's pretty clear people living in low-income areas who HAVE to travel for work (no work from home) and HAVE to take crowded transit to go to work at crowded workplaces are the ones most affected.  Heaven forbid there be paid sick leave mandated, and it just occurred to them they should vaccinate these groups.  Just in time, at least in Toronto, for clinics to run out of vaccines.

Toby got - even before yesterday's announcement - a letter from his store that he was travelling for work and required to come into work (they do ship from store and curbside pick up).  He bikes to/from work to avoid transit but we're lucky that his work isn't some huge distance, only around 10k.

And closing non-essential construction - but making it so that pretty much ALL construction is essential.  

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Posted (edited)

I walked by an anti mask and screamed that they were all a bunch of dumb fucking cunts.

Police are not fining anyone at this protest that I can tell.

People were horrified I swore obscenities at them and their "peaceful" protest.

They're literally the reason why hospitals are over capacity.

Guaranteed no one is getting a ticket.

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And the award for the best title for a thread goes to (drum roll) wookie! Hi 🤣. You've won a lap dance from Doug Ford, who I know nothing about and have just googled but don't know if that's an inappropriate thing to say what with politicians being how they are. Sorry if it is. All I know about the guy, from a quick google images search, is that he has a fucking massive head.

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If you think about it it's like a zombie apocalypse. They're stupid and slow and mill around in large groups.

Don't get too close and you'll be fine.

But if you get too close they'll cough on you, give you covid, and try to sell you an mlm product, and tell you microchips are in the vaccine.

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