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i need to vent

my SO came home last night so drunk after work it was 11:30

by 12:30 he had told me he loved me 100times and all this other crap that drunk people  say and he passed out. Thank the lord cause i had to get up at 7 to work and with my meds i need plenty of sleep or i am a zombie at work.

by 1:30am he was vomitting and this went on every half hour for the rest of the night, even though he ended up sleeping in the other room i was still constantly awoken by loud fits of vommitting and moaning.

i think i must of slept 2hrs max.

so today i have been so grumpy, i ate junk food and i cant exercise cause i am exhausted.

i want to be angry at him, but he needs help. he shouldnt be getting this drunk (i know i have had issues with drinking before) but at the moment i really dont want to help him cause i am being selfish. im such a bitch.

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you aren't a bitch.

what he did was inconsiderate.

the best help i ever got with my drinking was having my SO tell me if i didn't quit he'd leave. 

warm and fuzzy doesn't really help much.

and he fucked up your day.

and, personally, nothing pisses me off more than a drunk person now that i'm sober.  esp. people who know that i had a problem. 

you have every right to be pissed.

you aren't a bitch at all


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There's nothing worse than being sober & having to deal with someone who's

plastered.  On my 21st b'day I ended the night by cleaning hubbys puke from our

bed.  I wasn't totally sober but it was still disgusting. ;)

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