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so...my ex-girlfriend is setting me up with one of her ex's friends.  I've known her for eight years and she hasn't done this before, so I have faith that this isn't just the "hey you're both gay, you should date" phenomenon.  (yes, that's a thing)  I've been told that, among other things, we have the same sense of humor. 

I'm looking for suggestions on things to remember for a first date because it's been a while.  If it helps, the two of us will be meeting at my ex's house and chilling there while she makes dinner.  The idea is to have it be low key.  Where it goes from there, if anywhere, is up to us. 


edited to add - I put this in general relationships rather than in LGBTQ because I feel like general relationship advice is warranted.  I'm a little hesitant given recent explosions, but I feel like it's worth asking so that I can try to settle my anxiety. 

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Do you have an idea why your exes do think you guys would click/have in common?  I think talking about those things are helpful, and exploring why/what she likes about that stuff.  

At least, I found with Toby - we were friends first, but we met at a running clinic (well, I was doing one with friends he'd met at a prior one, he was sidelined with chemo, but I was friends with his friends and that's how we met).  Having that stuff in common made dating easier.  

This is probably not very helpful advice, but I always found dating a bit nervous so I'm not sure how helpful I have been.

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Just one ex's idea...it's Lori's idea. She's a friend of her ex-girlfriend, but they've become friends too. 

All I've been given is "you have the same sense of humor" and things like that.  Nothing as far as interests.  I can explore those though. 

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Sense of humour is a very important part of compatibility.  I think if people who know you think you'll mesh, you very likely will.  

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