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Xanax resistance builds up sooooooooo fast

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I made another thread in which I professed my dislike for Xanax.  I have however persevered with the drug as I need it sue to its sheer potency. So, I recently started it again

My usual dose is 5mg twice a day three times a week.  The pdoc and I have decided a limit, and this is it (my GP just let me take what I wanted).

Trouble is, on the second week the 5mg was not having nearly the same effect that it did in the first.

In the third week I barely noticed a change whilost on 5mg.

I have never had this problem with temezepam or diazepam.

Perhaps I should try clonazapam?

What do you guys think?

Your info is better than my doc's, since UK docs are clueless about alprazolam and clonazepam.  Clueless.  The guy only prescribed it for me since I seemed to have a good knowledge of it.

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I'm not sure what your dx is, but IMO for GAD, benzos are only a temporary solution and only take the edge off.  You will build tolerance to all of them.

They only vary in terms of their haf-lives and strength, which makes some better for immediate panic, others better for more generalized anxiety disorders. 

I take valium/diazepam prn, and have in the past been prescribed a couple of others, but they are all pretty useless in the longterm, really.  Sorry.

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Xanax is definetly not the drug therapy of choice for any kind of long term anxiety issues. More of a quick fix for short periods.

I like my clonazapam for my general anxiety, 1mg. But mine is mild-moderate, so it's a good choice for me. Haven't needed to up the dosage. I do take xanax, but only on certain days when my phobia acts up, so no tolerance issues there.

Seems valium is the better choice for long-term use of moderate-severe anxiety.  I'm surprised your pdoc doesn't know more about them. That is their job after all.


(edited for brain farts)

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Xanax is definitely the sharpest double edged sword of the benzo group. It is by far the strongest medication, and you build up tolerance to it far more quickly than the others.

You are talking about fairly high doses here (10mg/day) but only a few times a week.

I'd suggest you talk to your p-doc about other medication options.

If you are looking for a short acting med, lorazepam (atvian) may be suitable.  Not as strong as xanax but better for regular dosing. 

Otherwise, yeah Klonopin is a good choice in many ways.  Its much longer acting so you may find yourself only needing once per day on your med days.  It is the second strongest benzo aftr xanax and is often prescribed as an anti-convulsant for people withj epilepsy, parkinsons or tourettes - so it may well be a good option for you. 

Here in Australia it is only approved under our public health scheme as an anti-convulsant, but of course it works extremely well for anxiety as well. 

I personally use diazepam (valium) which does the trick for me at around 15-20mg 3-4 times per week for panic attacks/anxiety related to my schizophrenia.  I used to be on xanax (3x1mg/day) but it became less and less effective over time and actually started causing some problems (rebound anxiety, seizures etc), so Im not a big fan of xanax.

The only one good thing I will say for it, is that if you have panic disorder, it is the fastest, most effective med to take on a causal basis for a panic attack.  Having said that, for most people, atvian, klonopin or valium will be very effective too.

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