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Remission? How to live?

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I think I may have entered remission, too (no mania, mixed, or depression for 2 weeks, and no psychosis for 3 days). Last time that occurred was six years ago, and I got a year out of it. It ended when I went off of meds, so I will try not to make that mistake again. 

As for how to live while in remission? Enjoy every moment of it. Just drink in everything life has to offer. And get your shit together, too. My mistake last time was that I had been so exhausted by all of the MI shit, that it took me a really long time before I felt like I had enough energy to do stuff. And then when I got that back, I just got caught up in relaxing and enjoying the moment. A little too much. And then it was over, and I wanted to cry for wasting it all. Well, too much of it, anyway.

Clean your place up. Take care of health issues that you’ve neglected. Stop bad habits and eat well. Get plenty of sleep, but not too much. Start enjoying your hobbies again (or start new ones). Maybe even start seeing someone. Perhaps even take a vacation, or even just a road trip. And just enjoy the world and all of its wonder while you can, because the gift of remission has a nasty habit of not lasting terribly long, at least in my experience.

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