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I just starte it a while ago ago as a sort of last resorrt for my delusions  and hallucinations. So far no side eddectsnand while I dont know if its helping my paranoia yet, its definitely helping my anxiety. Who else has been on this drug?




sorry for the typos/ was on the ipad

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Clozapine does stuff the NO OTHER ANTIPSYCHOTIC can possibly hope to do, in good ways. It's neither an atypical nor a typical antipsychotic; rather, it is in it's own class. It was the only drug that even TOUCHED my psychosis. I've maxed out the dose to within my toxicity levels and have bolstered it up with a modest dose of Amisulpride, a typical, and between them it does the trick. Highly recommended, side effects and all!

(Side effects for me were primarily sleeping 16 hours a day, eating tonnes and retaining weight).

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