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Increase in nightmares?

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I’ve had a sharp increase in the frequency of nightmares.  For a while, I was having one to two per week.  Then I switched to one every other week.  Now, I’ve had three in the past week and they’re more vivid.

ive had a few major medication changes in the same time period. Could any of them be the cause?  I tapered off lithium, tapered off gabapentin, and started provigil.

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I know you may have resolved this by now—but some meds do contribute to nightmares. For a while I had a lot but no idea why. My solution is to always actively make myself forget all dreams immediately when I wake up. Does that totally help—no, but it helps a lot. I try to think immediately of something else to sort of force it out of my mind. To me, it seems like forgetting them all has really helped and I’m left with a sense of “nightmare “, “nonsensical “, “not bad”, etc instead of the lingering nightmare taking over my waking time. Does that sound ridiculous, I hope not. I throw it out in case it helps you or anyone. Nightmares are something underestimated but they were awful for me. I hope you aren’t still having them. 

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