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When one type of OCD subsides, do you get spikes in the other types?

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So I’m overwhelmingly a checker…most all of the time. But it has become significantly better just recently. OTOH, I have become horribly obsessed with bad things happening lately (exploding pipes in my home causing all kinds of damage, my building suddenly crumbling and falling down [I swear my living room is so badly leaning, that it’s just gonna fall off], my cat dying, me developing cancer, among other things).

It’s become pretty bad of late, and only alcohol has been an useful distraction (and, of course, I’m a terrible alcoholic, so I think that’s going to kill me, too). Also, in the past, I’ve had many times where my hand washing compulsion has gotten really bad, and led to my knuckles bleeding and stuff, even though I live in a mild climate with interior humidity control. And now, I’m having some hoarding issues as well, along with all of the obsessive crap. 

My bipolar/psychosis is currently in full remission, if that matters.

I guess I’m just wondering if other folks flit about with different types of OCD like this every now and again.

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10 hours ago, Goofball said:

 I guess I’m just wondering if other folks flit about with different types of OCD like this every now and again.

I'm mostly a checker, too, but I have other compulsions and obsessions....I check if windows locked, door locked, stove off, all appliances off, multiple times per day.

I also check my medications, counting the pills, to see if it's all there........I worry all the time about my house catching on fire....Don't drive because I'm scared of having an accident.......Also worry and ruminate about health stuff, mostly cancer, I think because both my parents died of cancer....I worry about additives and/or pesticides being on my food.

I also wash my hands a lot, after I touch something that I think had some germs on it......I use very gentle soap to wash hands, and my hands are still pretty dry, but not cracked or bleeding.

So yes, I think a person with OCD could possibly have several different subtypes......I'm sorry to hear you're struggling....OCD really takes a toll on me, speaking personally.

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The last couple weeks, my OCD has become a lot better. I still check things multiple times in a row, and maybe come back again to check it another time or two, but it’s a lot better than what it was. I don’t know why. The only thing that has changed since my previous post here is that I stopped drinking again, this time while in remission. Maybe it’s the combination? IDK.

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