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Anyone else get depressed in summer?? I know Typically "SAD" is more associated with Winter yet for me i find i get worse in summer...I'm starting on the downward spiral....Not the general ruff and tumbles of life but more the clinical side of depression...no interest in anything..I've been for a few walks and it did nothing..Struggling to get out of bed..Feeling numb/empty...Everything feels like hard work etc ..I noticed that it was roughly around this time of year last year that i got depressed also and ended up packing my job in...Well the sames happening now..I'm taking next week off work and tbh i'm not really interested in going back...I know thats more depression talking because at some point i will have to go back wether its back to my present job or finding another building site...I've part wondered if its maybe subconcious...I got depressed roughly this time last year and my subconcious is bringing it back to the surface or if its a case of genuine "SAD" just more to do with summer rather than winter??

Anyone else??

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SAD: Snow Ain’t Depressing.

Yeah. Summers are bad for me, too. There’s too much light and I can’t sleep, and in very short order that turns into a mixed episode, and then into depression. Typically July is the worst month for me. Bleak and wrung-out and alone. It’ll pass. Eventually. 

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@Gearhead Summer has always been a weird season for me..Especially when pretty much everyone loves it, i've always felt weird and down in summer..I much prefer autumn..Infact autumn if probably my favourite season..

I feel a bit better today...I actually listened to some music yesterday and got some feelings from it..I still feel like everythings a effort and know i should get out for a walk or do something yet i just find it to be to much effort..

So even though i'm having some break through feelings i still feel down in the sense everythings a effort..

Just part of the package of depression i've become accustomed to.....I dont mean that in a defeatest sense..More a realization sense


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