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Obsessive Rumination

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Whats the difference between "Obsessive Rumination" And Other Rumination in the context of mental health??

Is there a difference or is it more a play on words?? Online Obsessive rumination is more tied to "OCD" from what i see...

Looking through my notes a PDoc who diagnosed me with OCPD also put at the side "Obsessive Ruminations"..

Tbh i've questioned his diagnosis of OCPD as pretty much all other Pdocs Diagnosed OCD...I also see in the same Notes him saying "Treatment for OCD includes" and i also remember him saying to me in consultation "You have obsessions and compulsions and you act on those obsessions and compulisons" At the time i was ringing HIV hotlines daily even multiple times daily asking the same questions etc 

Anyways why am i asking this?? I'm asking purely out of interest..I've always thought the OCPD diagnosis was incorrect..I do believe i have traits of OCPD but OCD is more prominent.

The diagnosis side doesnt really bother me....I'm just more intrested if Obsessive rumination is used purely in the context of OCD or can it appear alongside other conditions..

I have a brain thats like a sponge that loves to soak up facts/interest even if those Facts and interest dont really serve me any purpose..(Hope that makes sense)

Anyways hoping someone with a bit more knowledge or even personal experience of said "Obsessive ruminations" could chime in and explain the difference if any... 

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I think obsessive rumination is probably found in some form in most anxiety disorders, just with different presentations/triggers. Panic can involve worry over a common theme, social anxiety causes repetitive concern with going out etc. I don’t think the term “obsessive” means it is totally limited to ocd or ocpd  

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