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My dad is 71 and my mom is 69.  They're independent and relatively healthy...overweight, which is causing some issues, but working on it. 

They're both apparently starting to feel their age.  It comes out in the form of offhand comments when I see them - things like "when we're gone" and "we won't be here that much longer."

I don't know how to deal with those sort of comments.  I would guess that there's probably a proper place for them, in that it lets my parents express how they're feeling kind of.  But it's not an actual conversation about aging.  Just the offhand comments.

Anyone have any suggestions?  I know that part of this is my own anxiety about losing them.  But I'm also curious in general about good ideas for handling it. 

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I think that similar to how you would want them to reply to your comments about mental illness. Acknowledge it mostly 


I have had a few difficult conversations with my mother about things like her funeral wishes. Which was mostly listening and agreeing with certain customs being stupid 


She really appreciated it. Thanked me and said that none of my 3 sisters would even acknowledge that she spoke when she tried to raise it


If you are a touchy family. Just resting your hand on theirs on the table or similar can be comforting and acknowledge the comments too

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