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Risperidone Update...

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Well on Friday my pdoc discontinued my chlorpromazine and increased my risperidone to 1 mg in the morning.Aside from a situational panic attack on Saturday my anxiety has been a whole lot better.

My pdoc wanted me to "test it out" outside of my apartment (I am borderline agoraphobic due to my anxiety and OCD intrusive thoughts).

So,this morning I dunno what it was,but it just occurred to me to take a walk.I did feel some anxiety before leaving my place but I did it!

And i didn't check my bag for my keys even once!

Had minimal intrusive thoughts while I was walking as well which is extremely rare for me,and didn't really feel afraid in The Outside World.

I was,however experiencing quite extreme dysphoria yesterday...but I think that is situational.I think.

My mood is low,then I am on an even keel,then it is low once again.

But this med so far seems to be working wonders for my OCD and anxiety.

Anyway just wanted to share.

Hope everyone is well.

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