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This story I simply don’t know how to process.


Yup. Bears. Uncontrollable fires, and bears. The human race can’t win for losing. Even when we’re kind and do the right thing and donate to our neighbors, eventually, bears.

I mean, if you’re going to have bears in the area, black bears are the way to go. They aren’t that big, or that aggressive, but they can still ruin the bejesus out of your day.

I’ve lost the thread, folks. Covid. Fires. Hurricane. Bears. That doesn’t even cover the man-made disasters. 


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Bears gotta eat too.  I assume they're losing habitat with all this.  Plus they were already wandering into metro areas pre-fires.  My daughter was sitting in my room while the news was on last night, so I'm explaining the wildfires and Afghanistan and hurricanes and pandemic variants and halfway through my debrief of world events I listened to myself and decided it must be the apocalypse.  Except I thought it was the apocalypse a year ago and the stuff keeps coming so it has to make you wonder where we're going next.

I ate bear once.  My cousin was living way up in the middle of nowhere doing taxidermy and he apparently sent us some bear meat.  My mom was nice enough to not disclose this until after we'd tasted our "burger."  I don't recall being very amused about the whole thing (although I also don't remember it tasting all that different from a regular burger).

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If it helps, a lot of those disasters have help from humans!  Climate change in particular.  

(I doubt that makes things better)

I dunno, I've thought we were living in our dystopian future for awhile now.  My view has just intensified in recent years.

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