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I've tried so many things. It is SOOOO frustrating. One day Adderall works well, the next day it doesn't. I've taken it with food, on an empty stomach, with water, and with softdrinks of every type. I've let them disolve in my mouth - yuck. I've even chewed them up in a piece of bubblegum - on an empty stomach. I've eaten tums with, before, and after the dose. I found myself at the store wondering if I should buy some orange juice to take it with - seriously - I've tried everything else I know of.

I've taken it a few times before bed. I slept well, but slept light. (could've been woken by little noises or whatever)

Sunday night we had threats of tornados, so obviously I didn't want to sleep so deep that I wouldn't wake up if the storms were bad. I took 10mg at around 11pm (with water). I slept deep, and for the rest of the night, without waking up until the alarm went off.

  How many of you have to deal with Adderall working on some days, and not others.....

What have you done about it?

(I take 30mg, twice daily)

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for me:

Seems to work best on empty stomach. With OJ, soda, or anything like that it's weaker. Stronger with an antacid. Ok with non-acid foods.

I sometimes take 5mg early in the AM if I'm having trouble staying asleep. Don't know if I could sleep with 10mg.

Sometimes the stuff makes me sleepy, and mostly not, but if sleepy I'm still pretty sharp, which is strange. Right now it seems to be making me sleepy, but I'm typing awfully fast for a sleepy guy.

I wonder if YOU are a little different on different days. I'm pretty sure I am. I tend to be clearer with a few minutes (like 5 or 10) of vigorous physical activity in the morning.

Of course, it might make sense to try other meds. Perhaps it doesn't do much but you have some good days anyway?

I looked at some of your past messages and you said 5 or 10mg was like eating a Tic Tac. Perhaps Adderall isn't for you or you are not taking enough. There's wide variation in dosage, tho I suppose at some point enough is enough. When I started Adderall the effects of 5mg were VERY OBVIOUS. Muscle tension, repetitive finger motions (still get a tiny bit of that), heart rate and so on. And, of course, the improvements in symptoms. Now I'm up to 20mg, and don't notice side effects nearly as much.

Other than stimulants and Strattera, what about Welbrutrin? I doubt it would make you remember to tie down your motorcycle, but maybe if you have energy problems it would help.

Anyone want to bet this one gets moved by moderator?

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Yea, after I posted, I thought to myself, they'll move that one...

My pdoc doesn't want to change to other stims, though I've mentioned it to him several times.

I tried welbutrin and could barely hold my head up. I was so tired and sleepy, it was almost unbareable.

I've tried 80mg a day, but it seemed to be too much. Can't really explain it, I just didn't feel right.

I'm waiting for the Daytrana patch to come out. Pdoc is willing to try that one when it does...

Thanks peeps.


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Ido: You're on.  Tell me which way you're betting so I can decide if I'm going to move it or not.

Other things can effect attention.  If you don't have enough sleep and proper nutrition meds alone won't help with attention.  You need to make sure you eat throughout the day regardless of if you are hungry or not.  Sometimes taking a day off from stimulants can help.  Um.  Other stuff I can't think of right now.

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I wasn't serious. If I bet the sun would come up tomorrow, it wouldn't. And we'd all be in a world of hurt. Just to deprive me of one dollar. So I don't bet. Besides, I'm up $2, lifetime, at the track and I don't want to ruin my record. (Not counting the million dollar bet I lost with my old man when I was about 8.)


What's wrong with other stims? Ritalin? I'm just trying a Ritalyn variant called Focalyn, and it seems remarkably different. My s.o. says she's never seen me so low key and relaxed! (We'll see. Today doesn't seem quite so good. My sleep schedule is messed up.) Anecdotally, it seems people's responses are all over the map. An acquaintance of mine says he finds Adderall kind of tricky, as he has to do everything just right or it won't work. (i.e. he has to eat right, work out, etc.) He says it's like driving a Ferrari and he prefers Ritalin. (In real life he drives a little silver car that looks like everyone else's.)

I don't think I mentioned it, but a month or two ago, my Adderall would sometimes feel like panic pills for the first few hours.

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Yea, after I posted, I thought to myself, they'll move that one...

My pdoc doesn't want to change to other stims, though I've mentioned it to him several times.

I tried welbutrin and could barely hold my head up. I was so tired and sleepy, it was almost unbearable.


At least *you* could *stay* conscious!  Sometimes adding a stim to the WB  (so

that you release the transmitters the WB is supposed to inhibit reuptake of.)

can help the "I thought you said this was a stim*thunk*zzzZZZZzzzz" effect.

Personally, I wash my adderall down with coffee and/or tea.  YMWV.

Speaking of bets - anyone want to bet that AD(H)D has a non-compliance rate

as bad or worse than BPD ?  MY theory is that the pills are actually made from

caffeinated bunnies (the blue Easter kind) and that's why there's more in the

bottle than I can quite account for.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I don't know what is wrong with other stims,

EXCEPT THAT THE DOC WON"T LET ME TRY THEM! He just has no sense of adventure ! ;)

After yesterdays appointment, now we're trying

30mg @ 7am

30mg @ 11am


15mg @ 3pm

Sorry about the delayed response. I have a 17 yr old son that apparently thinks running away will make the judge dislike me, or...????? He wants to be emancipated......

He's home now, but what a pain he and his mother are being....

What's his mother got to do with this? - she's encouraging him, and providing him transportation to run away, and transportation while he is a runaway.

So I am only on here sporatically.

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