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Seroquel for depression Onset Questions

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Hi everyone. So i have been taking 200 mg of desvenlafaxine, pristiq, for quite a while now. I was also on Seroquel IR (quetiapine) for many months at 100 mg but apparently the dose was too low to exert a meaningful effect on my mood.


Recently my Seroquel IR has been upped to 300 mg once a night. First 200, then escalated to 300. Tonight will be my 3rd night on the 300 mg. The other nights were at 200 then 250.

My goal is to take away the downward spiral my mood has been in, hopefully brighten it to some extent. And not get caught up ruminating on some stuff missing in my life that gets me down

How long before i will notice if it has a positive effect on my emotions? I had read it's supposed to enhance norepinephrine via its alpha 2 blockade and nri properties.

The antihistamine properties only make me tired at night. Other than breathing through my nose very clearly during the day lol I dont feel troubled by those side effects.


Do you think with its different mechanism of action I might find it more helpful at improving mood then my mediocore past results with risperdal?

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As far as APs go, seroquel is often on the slower end. There is a definite possibility it will help more than risperdal but as I’m sure you know different isn’t always better. I think that since antidepressant effect is often caused by changes that occur in the brain as the med works over time and not the immediate action (otherwise SSRIs would take effect very quickly) you might want to give it at least a few weeks. It also probably depends on your dx/primary symptoms (are you treating for unipolar depression?) 

have you ever discussed the Xr with your doc? Some people find it offers a better “background” calming effect. However I just read a paper by a doc who was arguing that the Xr isn’t actually any better for depression and was more of a patent extender ... so idk but just wondering if it came up 


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