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New to stimulants...q's about anxiety etc

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Hi there, 

I've posted here before on the depression med boards, I have been diagnosed all my life with MDD and various anxiety disorders (OCD, GAD, phobias). I recently started seeing a new psychiatrist - the first time I've actually HAD a psychiatrist in like...15 years maybe? Since then it's just been my GP. Anyway he diagnosed me with ADHD inattentive, and said that while he believes those other diagnoses were probably apt at the time, the ADHD might be the most significant...might have caused a lot of the depression etc. He said he thinks I've had it my whole life, and it's just been missed. I'm 36 so this was pretty eye-opening (though I've suspected ADHD it was still kind of big to hear it from a pdoc). Anyway, he prescribed vyvanse 10mg to start...and, as is common for me, I'm scared to take it. The best med that worked for my depression and motivation & focus was wellbutrin, but it increased some of my OCD symptoms. 

I've heard various things about stimulants compared to wellbutrin...some have said they're actually better on anxiety. 

I'd love to hear from people with ADHD and anxiety, how they've reacted to stimulants. Did you need something to counter-balance it, or were you ok on stimulants alone? 

The only other med I'm currently on is diazepam, as part of a long slow taper to get me off benzos. Open to adding other meds eventually but not benzos. Nothing against them though, I just had a specific experience and can't take them anymore. 

Thanks :)

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Okay, slightly different circumstances, but in case this helps you at all...IIRC, insurance required me to try wellbutrin as a first line (cheaper) treatment when I developed panic disorder back in the day. It gave me more panic attacks (was on mirtazapine also and copious amounts of xanax). Finally I got on effexor XR (which was relatively new at the time) and kept the mirtazapine (even newer). 

Eventually tapered off of xanax by going onto valium. Ended up on a tiny amount of valium--like 1mg 2-4x/day. Can't remember exactly.

Fast forward a decade or so and panic disorder is mainly in remission but still have anxiety and very bad fatigue and/or depression. Still on some tiny amount of valium at this time and the effexor/mirtazapine combo plus abilify now. Pdoc had me get tested for anything that could be causing my fatigue and excessive sleeping, including a nighttime sleep study (I sleep great btw it turns out!). After ruling out these things, pdoc put me on ritalin (and kept me on the small amount of valium). I got kind of nervous about the ritalin (I always get nervous about new meds plus was worried about stimulants making my anxiety worse or bringing back panic attacks). Well, ritalin was okay but didn't do much. Then she switched me to adderall. Adderall was more of a success but I could only take a small morning dose or I couldn't fall asleep well at night and felt jittery. Again, no problems with increased anxiety being on adderall and valium and all the rest. I suppose if I took a higher adderall dose, I could have seen potential for increased anxiety for various reasons but I didn't need a higher dose.

Finally, after at least a year or two of taking adderall, pdoc added buspar to the mix in an effort to throw something else at the wall and see if it stuck. She really thought it wouldn't do much of anything but figured it was one thing we had never tried that would be easy to add on so what the hell, why not? Well, it turned out the addition of buspar somehow gave me more energy during the day and made me sleep less. Did zero for my anxiety but it allowed me to get off adderall, which was nice because controlled substances are kind of annoying as far as getting filled (more restrictions). Plus, adderall would work for maybe 2 to 3 hours and eventually I would have a bit of a let down/crash about halfway through the day. I prefer to be on a more even keel although the "let down"/crash wasn't a big deal, i.e. it didn't impact me that much, but I hate being able to tell when a med is "wearing off". Yes I can sometimes tell when my valium is wearing off but it's slightly more subtle than when the adderall would wear off. Plus, I felt like the adderall was only an "okay" bandaid/solution for my fatigue issues. It sort of worked and helped me somewhat but not ideal.

Just my experience and I don't have ADHD or anything so maybe not very relevant.

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