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new (to me) sleep drug - rozerem

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so the halcion was unfortunately a failure.  I tried it 8-10 times and it worked maybe once or twice, which was probably just luck or a coincidence. 

that sent us back to the drawing board.  I've tried so many sleep meds over time and was willing to go back to something I'd taken previously, but she wanted me to try one I didn't have any experience with.  So I'll be taking rozerem. 

I'm a little nervous, since it's new.  any positive or negative experiences?  she said that it's one of those drugs where it either works wonderfully or doesn't work at all, with little in between. 

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Thanks cheese.  Sorry for not replying earlier.  It’s helped slightly with decreasing the total time it takes for me to fall asleep…not completely, but a little better.  However it has made it impossible for me to get up in the morning.  Or at least I think it is the cause because it has surfaced as a renewed problem ever since I started taking it.

I wrote my pdoc via our online portal and asked for permission to stop rozerem and increase the trazodone I’m already taking to see if that helps.  We will see if she is willing.  

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