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b vitamins and sleep

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i watched 3 videos by a doctor on youtube about how b vitamin deficiency can cause chronic and severe insomnia


considering multivitamins or b complex vitamins cost like 3 cents a pill i just felt compelled to come here and say that because i can't believe in all the videos i've ever watched about insomnia no one ever mentioned that.

b vitamin deficiency is uncommon. it can happen if

- you are a vegan who's new to veganism and aren't eating any b vitamin sources (all vegans need to supplement b12 as you can't rely on plants to get it)
- a med or other health situation is stopping you absorbing it
- you aren't eating enough in general (this is what happened to the doctor in the videos)


i feel like one of those conspiracy theory people who thinks they have access to secret illumnati knowledge and is in the supermarket produce section starting conversations with strangers and saying "why is no one talking about this!?"

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