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benzo and pregnancy - Help!

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I posted before. I suffer from dp/dr since 3 years, and now I am taking klonopin (about 1mg max  a day, sometimes just a quarter of 0,5, it depends) and zopiclone each day since 3 years (a sleep pill, like Lunesta). Zopiclone really does help me with panic and dp/dr, much more than other meds. I know I must be kind of addict, but when I feel too spaced out and derealization scares me, I take a half and it helps.

I would like to get pregnant, but I know benzos aren't good. At which point? My psychiatrist told me that zopiclone has been studied only on 40 women (motherisk), so it's not enought to tell if it's teratogenic. And for klonopin, 3/1000 babies has cleft palates, compared to 1/1000 for women who do not take any meds.

So, I don't know what to do. My psychiatrist don't say to me what to do, of couse. I would like so much a healthy baby.... but at the same time I would like to have a emergency pill option when things go very wrong, because when I got panic, it's terrible.

I tried all SSRIS and they don't help me that way benzo does. Really.

Thanks all for your advices. If you know someone who took benzo while pregnant, or better, Lunesta, please tell me!


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hi there,

I know of a few people who have taken benzos when pregnant.

They didnt have any issues.

I guess you just need to look at it like smoking; it increases the risk by a lot, but the overall risk is still small.  Only problem is, if you were unfortunate enough to be 1 of the 3 in 1000, how would you feel?

You could also talk to your dr about other medication options which may be more suitable for pregnancy. 

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i too, would like to be pregnant someday and worry about not taking medications when I am pregnant. 

I work at a psychiatric hospital and there is a woman there that takes medication and she is pregnant.  When I ask the nurses about this, they say that the woman's mental health is weighed against the risk of abnormal deformaties in the baby. 

In your case, it seems you are not taking much medication.  This may be a dumb question, but have you tried something like Vistaril in times of Panic?  Although it does not work for me, I see a lot of people who it does work for.  It is in the class of antihistamines, but it has a sedating effect and some people take it for insomnia.  Perhaps this is something you can to about with your doctor.  I have no clue as to if it is safer than a benzo, but I would assume it is.

I am very interested in your doctors take on this, please let me know.

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All benzos are pregnancy category "D," which, according to the FDA, means they are known to be potentially harmful to the fetus. Lunesta is category "C" (effects are unknown). This site explains the different categories: http://www.4woman.gov/faq/pregmed.htm

Lunesta is too new for there to be any really good data (or personal experience, in my opinion).

I personally wouldn't take a benzo during pregnancy - mainly because I wouldn't want my baby to have to go through the withdrawal. Plus it appears as though the jury is still out with regards to birth defects.

You might want to check out the Pregnancy board. I'll bet someone over there has done some serious research on this. Good luck!

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Thanks for the info.

So in your opinion maybe I sohouldn't take Zopiclone (it's the same as Lunesta)...

I am sad because I wanted so much a baby.

Well, my doc dont' know more, it's MY choice. ;)

Thanks again.

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