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Insurance change

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My husbands employer decided to go with a different insurance company starting in January.  My husband told me our drs are in the plan, but he meant pcp.  It is a different behavioral health plan and my providers don’t take it.  There are some good providers but I don’t know how I go about making sure I can get appointments until I have the insurance, but I don’t want to be searching at the last minute. My meds have been the same for awhile, but I need someone to prescribe refills.  And, it took awhile to find a therapist and now I will have to start over.  I have one in mind, that I saw once for some psychological tests.  And a psychiatrist I saw when I was first diagnosed.  I am a bit stressed about the whole thing.  

also,  I have been on a ketogenic diet for diabetes through a program with my insurance that will not be covered.  I have the basics down, but it is a good program.  I could pay out of pocket but it is too expensive.

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