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my best and also worst friend


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he's a fun guy but recently I realized he has beef with a lot of people

I think he's the problem in a lot of the situations, often venting constantly without asking first to people which puts a lot of stress on them because he vents about really heavy topics. 

he also just doesn't think about me when we hang out, once before we were going to hang out, he went and hung out with another girl for like an hour and then didn't respond to my texts at all. he told me his phone died but later he admitted he just went to take a nap. I wouldn't have minded it if he told me first 😭

also once he was an hour late to hang out with me again, and then when I tried to talk to him about it he just said "an hour isn't a long time"

I don't feel like he listens when I try to tell him about things I enjoy. 

all in all, he's not fantastic, but honestly he's one of the best friends I have.


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