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Lamictal with Cymbalta Cocktail

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I can't get lamictal here 


But cymbalta is good if norepinephrine is your best friend 


The trouble comes when it poops out


Coming off it is hard. So some doctors will just raise it, to avoid withdrawal 


Then that poops out and you have the withdraw or raise issue again with double strength withdrawal 


But I think all the norepinephrine types are similar to that. And effexor is worse


This is probably not helpful. But figured I'd mention it 

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20 hours ago, CrazyNotCrazy70 said:

I take 150 mg of Lamictal for major treatment resistant depression . My dr. just added 30 mg of Cymbalta to it . Any success stories ??? 

I was on this combo for awhile...I went off it  (Cymbalta) because I thought I could find something better & it gave me stomach issues. Plus back then I wasn't totally consistent - SNRIs you MUST not run out or accidentally miss 1 day, gave me horrible brain zaps, nausea, dysphoria (like tenfold).

Was recently on the Effexor/Lamictal combo which worked well initially, and then i had breakthrough symptoms. I was afraid to keep increasing dose, because (as @DogMan said) it is a pain to titrate off, especially if you are at a higher dose long term (at low doses it acts more like an SSRI).

Ironically, I am considering going back to Effexor (vs Prozac). I think it gave me more drive/energy as it works also on norepinephrine. You *can* avoid much of the intense withdrawal by titrating down & using Prozac. (Softens the blow)

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