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Did I do something wrong?

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I wrote a different post about not sure what to do for a therapist when my insurance changes in Jan.  My current one can file for continuation of care and see if it is approved or I can go to a more experienced provider who takes the new insurance.  I was not sure which I should choose, if I have an option.

I emailed current tdoc, telling her the situation and asking if she could provide similar treatment.  I don’t know if that is an unfair request.  She has not had as much time in the field.  She emails me back saying she does not know if she will be able to continue seeing me after the insurance change and we can discuss at next appointment.  I was not sure what she meant.  I wrote back asking if I said something wrong, did she mean she may not be able to continue because it may not be approved?

she wrote back confirming time for next appointment and said we can talk about it then,

So, now I am waiting for Wednesday to find out what she meant.

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Well, I saw her today. She said she just meant she did not know how long the process would take. She thought it was funny that I thought she would be upset, but I did not know how to take her email.  She told me to give her the insurance info when I know and to make the appointment with the other tdoc because the approval can take months. She offered to help me find other options, too.

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