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On 11/5/2021 at 4:59 PM, Breathdamnit said:

Anyone had access to this or discussed it with their doctor?  I’d love to have less weight gain with zyprexa, but not sure if the price point will be attainable/worth it (although any reduction in weight seems like a win at this point). Thoughts on it? 

I was not aware of the existence of this med. I absolutely want to try it. I started an email to my dr even, but decided I’d check the cost first on my insurance website. Well, “lucky me.” I searched for the med and it says “drug not covered.” I’ve never seen that before ever. I have good insurance through my husband’s work too. Very good. I am just shocked.

I guess they’d rather I get high cholesterol and diabetes and be overweight too. Because that makes perfect sense. 

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I wonder if it may just not be on the formulary yet?  It was slated to come out this fall. I couldn’t get pricing either and I’m not sure if it’s because it won’t be covered (likely) or if the pharmacy just doesn’t carry it yet (also likely).  The copay card looks decent at least. 

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I tried this out. The copay card was good for the first few months, but it’s not the greatest after that. I still had modest weight gain on it.  Although eventually it’s supposed to taper off - maybe I just wasn’t on it long enough?

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