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hi ya'll - new here (& whats up with the onion?)

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ok, ive only been reading these boards for a couple of weeks and intermittingly at that so please bear with me on my first post.

i went to my dr a month ago after struggling with anxiety/depression. i was wakening several times a night as well or taking forever to fall asleep or sleeping a few hours and waking up much too early.

the dr he started me on trazadone and lexapro and within three days i was flying HIGH!!!!  speedy gonzales - go speed racer go - etc.  but i also became quite agitited and was screaming at everybody.

a few days later i went back to the dr and the next thing i know im being introduced to the psych person. (sorry i dont know all the abbreviations, etc)  anyway, they started questioning me if there was any history of bipolar in my family.

they then switched my meds to seroquel taken at night. aside from the fact that it never worked, i still woke several times a night & continued to fly high, i also developed side effects (mouth ulcers, acid reflux, stiff neck.)

they have now switched me again. first they too me off seroquel and switched to hydroxyzine taken at night. then when i went to my next appt, they added risperdal taken in the AM.

after this last switch, which also coincided with the day i crashed from my 10 day 'energizer bunny gonna punch you in the face' high, i had 1 1/2 day of terrible weeping & sadness but then i had 1 1/2 days of basic calm. i even had 1 night of a decent sleep!

but then...  well, the night after my decent sleep i was back to my not-so-decent sleep and the next night was back to just bad. and then last night through me for a loop. i took my hydroxyzine as i was trying to wind down for the night but the harder i tried to wind down the more i felt like i just downed 17 cokes. and here i am now and ive been awake for about 30 hours. not at all close to feeling sleppy. and wound up. but i really dont feel manic. just revved up and tingly.  ;) zippidee-doo-dah and all that jazz.

oh i almost forgot the onion!  :)   i left a voice mail for my psych person at 6:00am this morning (since i was awake and all!). she called me back this afternoon and told me to stop taking the hydroxyzine tonight and INSTEAD, she wants me to cut an onion in half and sniff it before i go to bed. she said she knows it sounds crazy but it supposedly will make me very very sleeeeeepy. we shall see! but she seems to think i may be just 'thinking' myself out of being able to sleep. boy, i sure am powerful!!!

anyway, tomorrow i'm only supposed to take 1/2 my risperdal in the morning. i am then supposed to touch base with her tomorrow to see how i did tonight and then she'll decide what to do next.

anyway, thats me. whoever that is! i'm not sure whats up with me really and im not sure what board i'll end up on but i'm here now and its nice to meet ya'll.

ps: sorry this was so long but thanks to whoever made it through to the end!!!  :P

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Hi Betcsu  (ok its cute), welcome!

Well sounds like your docs are working on a bipolar suspicion. At least they are being responsive and seem to be proactive on med changes.  You are definitely getting an E ticket ride. Stay in close touch with them.

It will probably take a few med changes to find the right combination.


Bartender: ONIONS FOR ALL MY FRIENDS,  and a plate of flies for my toad!

Did she say what type of onion to use?  White, yellow, bermuda, red?

Follow her advice closely:  Cut the onion, inhale deeply, click your heels three times and say, "There's no sleepmed like onions, there's no sleepmed like onions".

Seriously, let us know if the onion works.  really.  Maybe all we really need is a good cry before bed.  ;)

Anyway, welcome.  Feel free to post and let us know how things go.

Cheers,  A.M.

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Welcome betcsu!  The onion idea sounds bizarre to me.  Maybe ask if you could

take the risperdal at night, since it tends to be sedating for some people (not me

but I'm weird.)  Sleep is so important, that should be addressed and treated

aggressively.  You may have to try many meds before you find one that works

for you, so try to be patient.  I hope to see you around the boards!

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If your doctor is working from a BD hypothesis ask him/her what treatment algorithm they are following. BD treatment should mean first line agents tried first, i.e. lithium; depakote; lamictal.

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thanks for the welcome everyone! i havent cut my onion yet. actually till i logged back in here i had forgotten all about the onion! i managed to get an hour nap today and that seemed to pep me right back up. honestly, i dont wanna cut up the onion and sniff it. it sound ridiculous. although i would like a good nights sleep......  decisions - decision...

AM - thanks for 'getting' my user name! it confuses SO many people. your whole repsonse actually had me laughing out loud! thanks for the smile!

scatty - i think what she'll want me to do is take 1/2 the risperdal in the AM and the other half at night. we shall see i suppose...

glen - i'll definately ask when i talk to her tomorrow. good to have a game plan!

ok, well, i'll let you all know tomorrow how it went tonight. thanks again for the welcome!

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update:  i whiffed the onion as well as had a couple of glasses of wine. that combo'd with the fact that i had only slept one hour in the preceeding 41 hours might have been why i slept for 5 hours straight last night! i think had the alarm clock not gone off i wouldve slept a few more hours!

i only took 1/2 my risperdal this morning and will call my pdoc in a little while. shes not in the office till 1:00pm and i want to wait till closer to that time to leave her a voice mail. she'll want to know not only how i slept last night but how i'm feeling today and i need to be awake for a little while before i decide that!

i found the mood chart thats linked from this webite. im gonna start using that to help me explain to the dr how im feeling. what an awesome tool!

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Heya Betcsu,

Nice to meet you.

Yah I like the mood charting.  I've found it *so much* easier to do charts with dots than to do journalling all the time.

I like onions.  Never found them to be a sleep aid.  Hunh.  Why not.



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AM - thanks for 'getting' my user name! it confuses SO many people. your whole repsonse actually had me laughing out loud! thanks for the smile!
I'll bite, I'm one of the many, what does it mean? I been staring at it like a puzzle since yesterday...


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That's going to be the new euphamism for crashing.

"I whiffed the onion"



you gotta be careful with that though. i found myself trying to whiff it so hard i literally had my head in the baggie! not a good idea...

as for my name... let me give you the syllable breaks:


do you see it now???  :)

now, i dont know how to do 2 quotes but i want to respond to this:

I would say, "let's put our heads together and figure it out", but something tells me that wouldn't work...

that reminds me of one of my favorite lines in 'i never promised you a rose garden'. i dont know the exact quote but the girl was convinced others could read her mind. she runs from patient to patient asking, 'can you read my mind? can you read my mind?' finally one of the patients answers her saying, 'we cant read our own minds. what makes you think we can read yours.'

i just love that!  ;)

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Betsy Sue?

I'm just a little nervous since I first fell for icup... ;)

BETCSU! keep your head out of plastic bags, sheesh, can't turn our head on you young'uns for second....


S9 (middle aged mom)

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