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ANOTHER F teacher M student relationship

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Another teacher, another kid, another sex scandal

Many people said it wasn't the fact that the kid wouldn't testify, it was the fact that the last teacher was gorgeous, and that is why she was not prosecuted.

THIS teacher.....not quite as attractive. I wonder if that will play a role.

Also, all in agreement that this one will plead BP insanity raise your hand! *Raises hand* I mean, it worked for the last chick, right?


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I can't believe this sicko world. I mean, we're used to sex scandals involving male teachers, but I personally always thought that just MEN (sorry guys) were the pervs! Guess I was wrong!

Yeppers, she'll be BP too. Or schizophrenic, or have some other mental disorder that doesn't deserve a bad reputation just because one pervert uses it as an excuse.

And I agree- this lady is not exactly the hottest thing ever. What we don't know is if the boy actually liked it, or did it because he thought he had to, or was mentally messed with into liking it- what happened? Maybe he's BP too and everyone is a crazy loon and that's going to give us a GREAT reputation. Soon we won't be able to be teachers or in positions of authority because everyone will think we're child-molesting perverts!

-- loon-- NOT a pervert -  ;) except with consenting adults

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