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I have never in my life actually threatened a person (other than my sisters) with physical violence. Until today. I am just not a violent person. It takes A LOT to get me to the point to where I want to hurt someone else. These girls at work got me to that point! It started this past Friday in the parking lot after work. One girl, Ceeair, found out she's pregnant. I, being fairly knowledgeable about medical stuff, was talking to her about it when another girl, Erica, drove up. Erica is 19 and in her SECOND pregnancy. Her first child is only 4 months old!! Anyway. So Ceeair was talking about her mom wanting her to go get an ultrasound to see how far along she is and if she could have an ectopic pregnancy. I told her, until she can get an ultrasound, that they can do blood work and tell by the amount of hormones in your bloodstream and the date of your missed period, about how far along you are. Erica immediately said "Uh. No they can't. The only way they can tell is an ultrasound." I know that. I said *UNTIL* she could get an ultrasound. Besides, bloodwork has to be done anyway. Erica said she's never had bloodwork. So I let it go.She kept on saying stupid shit...like that it's okay to drink as much caffeine as you want while you're pregnant, and how she smoked all through her first pregnancy and the baby turned out fine, so she's smoking during this one too. UGH! Then she said something along the lines of, "You really don't know what you're talking about or doing until you actually DO it." Which is a valid point...but doctors and people with medical knowledge don't have to contract the disease or have a certain condition to know about it. Male OB/GYN's for instance...they know more than Erica about pregnancy and no man has ever been pregnant. So then, she had the audacity to ask me how long I've been in school. When I said that this is my 4th year, she asked "Why haven't you graduated?" It's none of her business! I'll graduate when I damn well please. So we got into it again and she was being snippy and a bitch. I just said "Fuck you," and walked away.

Monday at work, everything was fine. We'd both had the weekend to cool down. Yesterday was fine. Today I went into work at 10:30. After my break at 12:45, we had a store meeting at 1 and then cashier training. Well, during cashier training, we were learning how to do WIC. The head CSM had never done it. I have. One of the other CSMs--who transferred from another store and had to do WIC transactions all the time--showed me how to do it yesterday/. The head CSM was doing it right, except for one thing--putting the voucher in twice so it could print the items they bought on the back of the voucher. When I told her that, she just said, "Okay." Another girl didn't hear me and asked me what I said. I lowered my voice and started telling her. This other bitch, Brittany, said "Dre said this is her group, not yours." Dre didn't say that. So I shut up and backed away. I had run a cash register Sunday at the old store and didn't really need the training. Running a register isn't hard. It's pretty much common sense.

After lunch at 6, Ashley had gotten permission to help Ceeair with the register because she missed all the training because of her school schedule. I didn't have anything else to do and Ashely has worked at Wal-Mart for over a year, so she knows more than me about a register. I figured I could learn something. Well, they were trying to figure out how to load a gift card. I know how to do that. Dre told us how yesterday. Erica kept making the same mistake and Ashley wasn't catching it. So then Ashley tried to do it and she made the same mistake as Erica. It was simple. They were pressing [TOTAL] before swiping the card. When you do that, it uses what is on the card to pay for the items you rang up. To load a card you press [sHOP CARD] scan the barcode, then swipe it, enter the amount you want on the card, and then press [TOTAL]. When I brought that to their attention, they dismissed it. They kept doing it wrong. I tried to be nice and tell them the right way to do it. I was polite. I wasn't bossy. They just got bitchy with me. Then, they got called to the back and I showed Ceeair how to do it. I said, mostly to myself, but loud enough so Ceeair could hear, "Thats what I was trying to show them but they had to be bitches about it." Well damn if Ceeair didn't go to the back and TELL THEM WHAT I SAID! So while I was waiting to clock out, Ashley and Erica came up and said "If you have something to say to us, don't wait until we walk away and say it behind our backs." I respect that...and I would say it to their faces if they'd LET me. Then Ashley went on about how Erica and I are always arguing. It's because Erica is a bitch. I am a laid back person. I don't fight. I don't argue. I usually let people walk all over me. (Not good, I know). So I stood up for myself. I told her what I was trying to tell them. Erica said "But I was learning it myself." I said, "But you were doing it wrong. You did it wrong fifteen times in a row. I was only trying to help." Erica got bitchier. I got bitchier. We ended up yelling at each other. Ashley, because Erica is her younger sister, jumped in too. I told her it wasn't any of her concern. Erica can handle herself and she doesn't need her big sister to take up for her. I said that everytime I say something to Erica, she's a bitch. She said that she's always that way. She isn't. She's not a bitch to Ceeair or Ashley. Only me. I was so mad, that I said if Erica bitches at me one more time for no reason at all, I'm going to slap her in the face. That made Ashley want to fight me. I'd never seriously slap a person...especially a pregnant person. They started yelling, I yelled back. I said, "Just walk away." Ashley said "No, I'm not going to walk away. We need to take this outside." What the fuck ever. She kept talking, "No one threatens my sister like that and her pregnant." I yelled, "I'm not going to touch her so just walk away!" I said it four or five times. She kept yelling at me. By this time we'd attracted a crowd and the other people who were getting off at 7 like us got them to leave. I was so mad and wound up that I cried for over an hour. I had a panic attack in the back room of the store hidden behind some boxes.

I'm not claiming to be innocent here. I just don't understand why they all dislike me. Is it because I'm more intelligent than them? (Not trying to be vain here.) Or is it because I'm not pregnant and don't have any kids and am not going to spend the rest of my life working at Wal-Mart like them? It's okay if they don't like me. I really don't care. They just need to be straight forward about it and tell me and not be nice one minute and then a bitch the next. I don't like them all that much either. But we work together. I try to be respectful as I can. I am civil. They aren't. So tomorrow I will get there at 12 to pick up my check before I have to be at work at 12:30. I am going to talk to the managers, both my immediate supervisor and the co-managers, and tell them what happened, exactly what was said, and request that I be scheduled at the old store until grand opening an on different shifts than them.

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I had one job in a medical office that approached this level a few times with some real dingbat gals, so I can empathize.  It is very stressful but there are things that you can do to help minimize it.

- Work is work.  Don't try to force friendships when they aren't natural.  The only thing necessary is that you treat others politely. If things are truly strained, do not even speak to the difficult ones except in the performance of work. 

- Now don't be mean or spiteful, just don't make idle chit chat, and don't volunteer your opinion or thoughtful advice.

- If others are not receptive to input, then don't. If they screw up they will either figure it out themselves or their supervisor will. It's not your job.

- If others have screwed up lives, don't comment upon it.  You already know they are screwed up and nothing you say will fix their lives.

- If things get heated and start to get argumentative, stop arguing and walk away.  They can't argue if you don't open your mouth. Go find some productive work to do. The boss can't complain if they are standing around bitching and you are working.

- Do not let them get your goat.  They are idiots and you are not.  If they are making you angry, then leave the area.  If you ever lay a finger on them you can end up in jail without a job, and difficulty getting another one. Do whatever it takes to avoid them and ignore the hell out them.

Good luck, stay cool.

A.M.    Believe me I have been in your situation.

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I am going through a similar situation at work right now.

On Tuesday I ended up filing a complaint with the company about a coworkers repeated aggressive and intimidating actions.

I feel bad about it, because I don't want to get anyone fired, or brought up on harassment claims. But on the otherhand, I also feel like I have been backed into a corner.

Attempts to work the situation out on my own have failed, as well as attempts to work unofficially through management. To me this is a last, but necessary resort, to keep my workplace safe and healthy for me and my coworkers (who have also had problems with this person).

AirMarshall had some good advice, I'll be following it, as right now things are extremely tense at work.

Anyway, I hope your situation gets better soon.

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Thursday morning I told my tdoc about it. She said I should apologize just so work could be less tense. So I did apologize. I crossed the line first by calling them bitches. Now we're all okay.


I don't think you crossed the line by calling them bitches.

It sounds like you called a duck a duck. ;)

It also sounds like the lot of them are drama queens.

People like that are the reason I don't go out in public much.

You're a better person than I am..I don't think I could've ever apologized over that.

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