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I accidentally got way higher than I've ever been and was 90% sure I was speaking to God who, I would've said, I don't believe in. what I'd like is for someone who has had a similar experience to reply with their memory of it.

yes, I know exactly how this sounds and that there are reasonable scientific explanations. This is what I wrote last night:


just exist in the world as long as possible (in terms of being mindful and avoiding distraction)
love others as you love me if you love me
don't you love me Tyler?
once you believe in me you have to go out and procreate

raise a son do better than he did(my dad) it was his responsibility. I love you Tyler. do you hear me?
be a better you. you know precisely what that means
my love for you is total and unconditional
that is what Jesus gave you
you've blasphemed against my son
yes the holy spirit is yours
pray repent do good works

don't do this again Tyler I forbid you. not even before you believe in me and you will believe in me son. I am your father
the universe is structured as a tree. the tree of life is all of us living and dying in different lives.

in heaven we all remember every incarnation of ourselves past and future. it's hard to explain but it's like Earth but way better and we're all just living in it

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Wow. You probably don't expect me to say this, but that is quite an incredible thing to experience. 

And wow again. I can totally relate to all of this. In 2014, I had one of the wildest hallucinations of my life. Everything in my mind went black. Suddenly, I saw a huge electrically charged image in my mind of Jared Leto, 666, and a Facebook thumbs up confirming from God that I received his message. I also know how this probably sounds also. However, even while being medicated and all of that wonderful stuff, I still can't get that image of Jared Leto out of my head even from today. It was the most profound experience that I ever had in my entire life. I don't believe that it was God though... but part of me kind of wants to and does. 

Then, there is the negative side of my schizoaffective disorder where I, in the same breadth, hallucinate about angels and demons. Mostly auditory. I did use automatic writing where an actual spirit does communicate with you via handwriting. I did that while I was hallucinating and a male spirit followed for 10 days, even to the hospital that I was staying at to receive treatment - harassing me and telling me things that were lies and things that actually came true. Till this day, I will never understand what really was going on in those 10 days. Medication calmed me down tremendously. But there was a time at a previous job where it all happened again, AND I was fully under treatment. All I am trying to say is that the 'spiritual' world is real and it's also not something that anyone should play with. At the same time, if you can induce a spiritual experience with just an inhale of weed, then I think you've got something that most gurus and spiritualists have been trying to develop for decades while it only took you a few inhales.

The brain is so powerful beyond what I think we are able to comprehend. I'm not trying to convince you to believe in what you experienced, but what you and I experienced does give way to deeply understanding how our minds work beyond just science.

It's sort of hard for me not to validate what you experienced. I validate it a lot actually. I don't know, maybe because I really do believe in God and how he works this universe. Maybe because I was also taught to believe in God, even till now. Maybe even because there is so much unexplained phenomena that not every one of us has the opportunity nor the gift to actually be able to do this.

If you want a scientific explanation, then here it goes. When I explained this to my pdoc, he said that I may have experienced what I did because of the fact that I was raised in a religious home True. I once asked my therapist if mental illnesses can have a spiritual component and she said that they definitely can. And she was a Christian therapist at that. So there ya go.

On a different note though, what you and I experienced are also a huge component of our condition. Real? I'm not sure. I do validate your experience, but I wouldn't take anything literally either. Just like how I can't take meeting Jared Leto, seeing 666 as a sign of Satan or a Facebook thumbs up showing up and then disappearing out of my mind as it came, as a real thing. Remember, these experiences that we have are part of a more problematic component of our mental condition. I think that schizophrenia manifests itself in our 5 senses and turns them into things that may feel believable to us, because well, we are experiencing them so they MUST be real, right?

To neurotypicals, these things just don't happen to them. We have delusions, visual/auditory hallucinations, psychosis, etc. Other people just don't go through these things ever. These are real symptoms of an actual problem that our brains are going through. Unless in some cases they are drug induced. Ever since I've been on meds, I stopped smoking weed, because I'm too scared that I'll hallucinate and/or end up in the hospital. So, you do need to understand that we have a mental illness. These things are bound to happen to us in some way or another and they may feel real. They also aren't always real, if at all.

I still validate your experience though. Sounds exactly how God talks in the Bible. 

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I needed to add a different point of view. A more realistic point of view.
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