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Splitting or crushing Seroquel 25mg tabs

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I'm going to start taking 12.5mg of Seroquel for sleep. (I've taken Seroquel before and am familiar with it.) The 25s don't split real easily, even in a good pill splitter. Can these be crushed and put in juice and divided up that way?

Not sure if this should go here or pharmacology forum.

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Yeah it's a bitch that there isn't 12.5mg tabs... I started off taking that amount, and I got a pretty good nights sleep out of it.  I'm on 175mg now, but that's more for anxiety, and paranoia. But, for sleep this med kicks major fucking arse.

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For now I've been using a pill splitter (which has a razor blade in it) and I can get them in half 2 out of 3 times. The other time I just take the bigger half or try to even it out, but they're a little crumbly so it's hard to cut off a tiny piece. I may need to go up to 25mg anyway.

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Guest seroquel user

DO NOT split or crush seroquel unless you know what you are doing.

You shouldn't split pills because of following (generic) reasons:

- seroquel is major tranqualizer and it can have harmful effects to brain

- pills are hard on purpose so that seroquel is released to body more

slowly and the peak concentration of seroquel is lower

- if you crush the pills the powder is absorbed much faster (bad)

+ if you find seroquel/quetiapine pills that are meant to splitted

then it is save to split but AFAIK there aren't any

(they are more expensive to make)

I made the mistake of splitting pills (for a month) and now

I have hard time using a single pill instead of two split ones.

(The solution: gradually going away from split pills:

0.5+0.5, 0.8+0.2, 0.9+0.1, 1.0)

If you only use pills for sleep then I think you could save money

by using split pills at lower doses (you get the same peak seroquel

concentration that knocks you into sleep) BUT I wouldn't want to risk

my brain's overall healthiness by saving few bucks. As a result you

may also wake up during the middle of the night when the seroquel

levels go down too quickly.

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The 25mg tabs are only sugar coated - the are still immediate release and can be split (the coating makes them taste and look better only). Since they are so tiny, use a tablet splitter - carried by most pharmacies for fairly cheap. (that said, however, the XR tablets CANNOT be split, because the coating will be for extending release)

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I get 100 mg pills and split them as far down as 12.5 mgs. I find 12.5 mgs quite effective for taking the edge off of minor anxiety and minor irritation, and I can take a dose like that several times a day and not have to worry about undue sedation-I still function fine. I always take 75 mgs at bedtime, and depending on how zippy I'm feeling can wind up one several hundred mgs a day. It's the one med I have that my pdoc encourages me to take PRN (on top of my daily sleep dose, that is).

I have a terrific pill cutter by Apex medical. I've had it for 10 years and it's never failed me. Originally got it at the vets, for my dog. The trick to cutting 100 mgs pills that have already been neatly quartered down to 12.5 mgs is to turn them flat-side down, aim the rounded, coated edge back toward you, and cut with that second flat edge up, so that you wind up with two pieces that both have 1/4 of a pill's coating on one outside plain.

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Well, here in Romania, there is only one version of Seroquel, it's XR from AstraZeneca UK and the dosages are 50, 150, 200, 300, 400 mg.

I've experienced all the dosages, except 400, for social anxiety, thou they don't work at all. One day I remember I've took 3x300mg, quite stupid, I know, but ran out of clonazepam and I needed to sleep.

Well, I still think it's a useless drug, it's only an addictive sleeping aid, and a serotonin and dopamine depleter. (to me)

Now, to be on topic, my current doc put me on XR 50mg, the lowest dose available in our pharmacies. Given the fact that I had a break from Seroquel for months it's sedating effects at 50mg came back as never took this med before, unlike benzos :P

I've just sliced with a razor blade a 50mg capsule in three, they aren't round like yours, here are like 2mg Xanax bars, something like that. Being XR, I don't know, it's not just the coating involved I suppose, because I've dissolved it in my mouth and took some time, it's a bit anesthetic, not really like chewed bupropion. Now let's see how zombie I'll be tomorrow.

And please sorry for the long post, I'm on 1.25mg of alprazolam, feeling like telling stories :cool:

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I split them because I used to be on 300mg once and did nothing good for my anxiety, not at all, but that was with my ex-doc. I split them to become non-XR, as a sleep aid mainly and not to feel groggy next morning.

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How is this possible, on a antipsychotic to still be afraid that you are watched from behind, that others talks about you, observe you? Isn't about amygdala malfunctioning? Or it is because high dopamine and serotonin levels? But why put me on bupropion then?

You have that? Thats probably the reason seroquel doesnt help your social anxiety. You probably need much higher doses too to control it.

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You are switching around your meds and med dosages so fast it's making my head spin. You need to give an AaP at least 2-3 weeks on the SAME dose to see the effects. ADs will take 6-8 weeks.

Just because you know about the parts of your brain and the chemical receptors involved in these medications does not make you a doctor or smarter than your doctor(s). You are currently self-sabotaging your attempt at stability and are truly obsessing over the medications.

My advice to you would be to tell your pdoc everything you've been doing, make a plan for treatment from this point on, and don't touch your meds between dr visits. If your dr thinks you can re-evaluate your meds after two weeks, that's their call. If its four weeks, abide by that as well.

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Your post is so convoluted it doesn't make sense and is very hard to follow what your actual thought process is. So I'll try to answer your points in order:

First off, you can bet your ass that a pdoc known what a seroquel tablet looks like and how it effects a patient, even if they've never tried it. I know what the side effects of clozoril are, and I've never taken the drug or had any formal education. I have no idea what your point is on this topic.

Your second paragraph is so jumbled I can't even comment on it. I don't know what you are trying to say.

We are not obsessing about our medications when we put it in their signatures. It's a practical function of CB, because when a person asks a med-related question, the first thing that everyone will ask is, "What medications and dosages are you on?". Including them in your signature simplifies things a great deal.

As for my dx, I do not doubt my dx. I don't doubt the five week long psychotic break I had in 2005 that led me to being diagnosed, and I don't doubt the psychotic episode with hallucinations I had 18 months ago. The only reason I wrote that was because I finally, after 7 years of being here, finally added the psychotic part to my signature. I didn't feel it was important before, but I wanted people to know why I included it now.

I was recently dx'd with ADHD, should I be forced to put that in my signature so that people won't think I doubt my signature? I have a whole host of other conditions I could include in my signature that I don't have any doubts on, do you feel I should also include them?

Your perception of how the medical system works is skewed based on your last two paragraphs. How exactly would 800 mg of seroquel (which several non-schiz members here take) make you schizophrenic? A medication designed to reduce mental symptoms and basically calm you the fuck down don't suddenly make you schiz at higher doses. This is a basic misunderstanding of how seroquel works.

Seroquel and zyprexa are both generic. There is no benefit to doctors, pharmacies, or drug companies to have you stay on seroquel unnecessarily. I took it for about four months, and I only had a $10 copay. I just filled a script of zyprexa, and my copay (for the generic) was $60. And i belong to the largest insurance company in the US So, if anything, doctors would be treating us like "lab rats" on zyprexa.

If you want to discuss this further, PM me. But don't expect me to understand all your wild tangents, as they are the sign of a person who is not getting proper medical care.

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