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Pre-existing brain atrophy

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Hello, everyone.

Recently, I've been reading new research articles saying that covid19 infections can cause significant brain atrophy, even in patients who have a mild case with few symptoms. One study from Germany indicates 20 - 70 percent of people infected with Covid19 will present with new or worsening psychiatric symptoms within 3 months of recovery. There are other viruses that are known to cause symptoms like these. (Psychosis, confusion, numbness, slow thinking, etc.)

If you already have brain atrophy from a condition like an illness that causes dementia (Alzheimer's), schizophrenia, or stroke, have you gotten any good medical advice on handling a covid infection differently than the average person would? 

Like...would you prepare by keeping an oxygen concentrator on hand? Or maybe start now with ideas for preventing clotting?

Did you ask your doctors?

One of my doctors said I should be concerned, but the only change I've made so far is to wear 2 masks when I'm out - an N95, and a mulberry silk one over the top. I have numerous sets and rotate them, giving seven days between uses, to let any virus die off. 

I already have 2 vaccines and a booster, stay in the house the majority of the time, use rubbing alcohol to wash my hands when I'm out, try not to get too close to others, lost 40 pounds, take D3...all the basic CDC/WHO and general guidance. I haven't had Covid yet, as far as I know.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen special guidance for people who have pre-existing brain atrophy and have concerns about another brain injury due to covid infection. 

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