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Prevent clotting - ideas for protecting against covid19 neuropathy in high risk people

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Lately there has been news that even mild covid19 infections can cause neurological conditions like psychosis, cognitive dysfunction, paresthesia's like numbness and tingling, and stroke. To me, these reduce to oxygen deprivation symptoms.

The latest BA2 (stealth omicron) variant looks to have a R naught factor of 13ish (meaning every person who catches this subvariant of Omicron will likely spread it to 13 people before realizing they're sick - a rate similar to Measles transmission in an unvaccinated population. Furthermore, there are signs that this new variant might do more damage to the lungs, because it creates clumps of infected cells called Syncytia, which form rings, engulf your red blood cells, and eat them. Omicron didn't have the genetic code to cause syncytia, but Delta did, causing more lung damage, and oxygen deprivation symptoms like stroke in patients.

Coronavirus: As BA.2 subvariant of Omicron rises, lab studies point to signs of severity (msn.com)

Syncytia formation during SARS-CoV-2 lung infection: a disastrous unity to eliminate lymphocytes (nih.gov)

If you have had psychosis already, if you have schizophrenia - especially schizophrenia with anemia, or have had a clot or stroke, or have a condition like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, If you have bruises that never disappear, if you were a former smoker, or smoke now, you might be prone to clotting, and there are things you can do to help with prevention. 

Why Won't Your Bruises Disappear? | New Health Advisor

A Guide To Preventing And Treating Blood Clots At Home - HealthPrep.com

Preventing Blood Clots - American Blood Clot Association

I did take the John's Hopkins free contact tracing course (and passed!) on Coursera at the beginning of the pandemic, and I recall they kept comparing the original SARS Covid19 strain to Measles, repeatedly emphasizing that Covid only had a R naught of about 2 - 4, so it was "manageable". The reason health officials freak out when there's a Measles outbreak, and not as much when there's an Ebola outbreak, is because people feel so ill so fast with Ebola, that they naturally go home, and go to bed - and that makes them spread the disease to fewer people before they recover or die. Measles has a long incubation period with few symptoms, and people spread that disease on average to 12 - 18 people, before they realize they should go home, and go to bed.

Lots of named variants of covid so far have increased the R naught.

The original strain had an R of about 2 - 4

Alpha had an R of about 5

Delta had an R of around 6 or 7

Omicron has an R of around 10

BA2 (Stealth Omicron) seems to have an R of around 13  

I am not an epidemiologist, I'm not even that bright, but this seems to be a pattern that isn't going to end. If you have heard news that the "pandemic" will soon become "endemic", and some areas are looking into whether this is happening very soon, you should be aware that this change is based upon many concrete factors - and the most important factor that can't be changed is that the R needs to be below 1.

If the R isn't below 1, then you're still in an epidemic (local emergency), or pandemic (global emergency), no matter what your politicians and the news say, and you should act accordingly. Whether or not you're high risk.

I'm in the United States, so my go to source for tracking Covid is the CDC. Their "Covid Tracker" shows that the entire United States is a "High Risk" area, and people should continue to take all the standard precautions they have been recommending for over two years. If your nation is in the red, and your state drops restrictions, that doesn't mean that your nation isn't still in the red, and you don't have to take precautions. It probably just means some voters are cranky, and very vocal. Check with CDC or WHO to get the facts.

CDC COVID Data Tracker

Because I'm high risk, I think I should be even more careful when the general population becomes careless.


If you have any other links, or your own ideas about preventing blood clots, please let me know! I'm only getting more concerned, as the virus continues to mutate, and spread. 

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