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There are different places I could put this, so I'm putting it here in the BP place, since I'm a nutcase BP1 w/psychosis.

I read that about 30% of women who have BP, whether they are previously psychotic or not, develop psychosis either during pregnancy or post delivery, and require emergency treatment wtih AAPs or ECT.

I may  be pregnant. I'm going to get a blood test to confirm/rule out this possibility.

There is a heavy possibility I'd be batshit crazy if I carried a baby, even though my GP and pdoc said I could do so.

Does anyone know if ECT/inpatient hospitalization could be used in this case to keep me and my baby safe (if my blood test comes back with that info)? Of course, I am assuming I am pregnant because I feel all the symptoms of my last pregnancy (which I chose to end). If I am pregnant, I would have the baby, and handle the risks as they come.

I just want to know if anyone knows anything about the use of ECT/inpatient hospitalization (during ECT)used for crazy pregnant ladies, to keep them and their babies safe?

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I was on heaps of seroquel when I conceived and went back on it in the second trimester, didn't wean completely off until my last month. Baby has correct number of arms, eyes, and digits so I assume all is well  ;)

All the atypicals are preg category C except, I believe, Clozaril, which is B. I've never actually heard of anyone taking Clozaril but I'm sure somebody here has at some point lol

ECT is supposed to be safe during pregnancy. Here is a link for you, a bit older but quite informative and as far as I know still pretty up-to-date:



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Heya Loon,

Based on the limited evidence we have, ECT is considered generally safe in pregnancy.  Especially used for severe depression.  So it's there in your back pocket.

Here's an article from 2001:


It's important (if you *do* end up going that way) to get your psych and/or OB and anaesthesiologist to chat.  The choice of anaesthetics is important in pregnancy.

Good luck hon ;)


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