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Breakthrough! They’re comparing us to monkeys now.

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I just read this snippet from a 2018 article out of the National Primate Research Centers titled “Spotting Autism Before It Strikes”.

🤨 Yes, ‘Strikes’.

The snippet reads thus:

The holy grail of autism research is a reliable test for the condition – and researchers at the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC), working with colleagues at the Stanford University School of Medicine, have made a promising discovery that may lead to just such a test. 

According to the research team, reduced levels of vasopressin – a hormone found in the spinal fluid – may be connected to a reduction in socially acceptable behavior.

“What we consider this to be at this point is a biomarker for low sociability,” said John P. Capitanio, a CNPRC scientist and leader of the Neuroscience and Behavior Unit at the University of California-Davis.

Note: “a reduction in socially acceptable behavior.”

Behavior that is acceptable to Neurotypicals by Neurotypical standards, of which they are the judges of acceptability. Essentially, anything that does not conform to the Neurotypical definition of “socially acceptable” is therefore unacceptable, and that includes any behavior that they do not intuitively understand. I recently listened to a family friend speak of her Aspie grandson in some exasperation, talking about how he was at one point turning in circles and flapping his arms. This is the sort of woman who would have found that not only socially unacceptable, but personally embarrassing. I, on the other hand, thought nothing of it; the boy was probably bored out of his mind by the inanity around him and had to do something with the excess mental output. It made every bit of sense.

These people at the primate center studying monkey brains for biomarkers as clues to what has gone so terribly wrong with us that we don’t “social” the right way seem to be overlooking the possibility that their way might not be the only way to be.

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Geez, I'm neurotypical but...who gives a poop whether people engage in socially acceptable behaviour?  The world would be boring if everyone did.

@Antecedent is totally right about misfocus of research.  I suppose this is like the people who want to find a cure for autism because it's sooooo unacceptable.  Fucking hell.

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